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Squeezing money out of people with little knowledge

A lot of people are losing their job these days. Not a few people have lost the places to live, so some of them started living in their cars.


The more people who lose their ability to make decisions, the more businesses that target the ill-informed will thrive.

I found the following listings on a skills market website.


Apply for a Google AdSense account on your behalf with a money back guarantee

If you don't pass, we can cancel! 65 passes in Coconara!

25,000 yen

There is more...


A professional will help you get Google Adsense approval on your behalf.

A service that allows your account to pass Adsense screening naturally

100,000 yen

Do you think that is a reasonable amount of money? Can you pay one grand for it?

Evaluation : ★★★★★ 4.9 (13)
Sales results: 14 cases
Remaining: 6
Requesting: 1 person

Let me take a look about the details;

We create sites for Adsense screening and prepare and submit original articles. We will customize and review your site to fit the genre of the article, and we will do this on your behalf until your site passes the Google AdSense review.
If your site passes the Adsense review, we will hand over all of your login information and other information to you for delivery.

  • If you have failed to pass the review with other consultants
  • Difficult to obtain due to various circumstances
  • If you are worried that it will take too much time and effort to do it on your own
  • Those who have tried many times on their own but failed

We are going to bring you the passing of Adsense!

Wait, after the site is delivered, how to keep posting valuable articles? I doubt they can prepare original articles. I guess they are merely piecing together existing content on the Internet.

I am well aware of how difficult it can be to keep writing informative articles. I often get stuck writing actually.

Many owners are considering moving to online sales because of the drastic drop in business due to COVID-19. But they don't technically know how to do that. In this case, I think it makes sense to hire a site development agency.

However, it's ridiculous to sign up for Google AdSense in order to get money even though you don't have any valuable product, service or content to offer.

You know, it's not like anyone can apply for it and get approved. Just like not everyone can be an actor or a professional baseball player.

Think about whether people are willing to pay for your content that you are about to provide.

Many people think of affiliate marketing or writing when they think of a side business, but the truth is that it is very difficult to convert your writing into money and requires a good sense of style.

When you can't find a job, lose your job, or your company goes out of business, it's easy to get mentally trapped and lose your ability to make decisions during difficult times. Some people are not getting hired anywhere, they are not getting hired at all, their savings have run out, and they can't afford to pay the rent.

If you think you've lost your judgment, you have to do what you can do now anyway.