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Do you think I should watch out for GDPR?

You know, I am Japanese, and most of my websites users are Japanese.

But, I have this English blog and English website at wanichan.jp.

What is GDPR in the first place?

General Data Protection Regulation - Wikipedia

Google Cookie Choices

I looked at Google Analytics report and sorted by countries.


  1. United States ---- 73.33%
  2. Japan ---- 15.33%
  3. Malaysia ---- 2.00%
  4. Netherlands ---- 1.33%
  5. Philippines ---- 1.33%
  6. Singapore ---- 1.33%
  7. Taiwan ---- 1.33%
  8. Vietnam ---- 1.33%

I have many friends in the US, so most of them are from the US.

How about on wanichan.jp?


UK is rank 6? But only 8 sessions in the last 30 days.

Actually I don't look at wanichan.jp data, even using Google Analytics, though.

Well, Google Analytics uses Cookie, right? so I installed the script for the consent from the following site.


On the other hand, I selected "Non-personalized ads" in the European Economic Area (EEA) for Google AdSense.