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How to kill time while you are in the hospital?

I mentioned about my dad in the hospital,

but I got an unfortunate news. He got CT scan yesterday and they found some spine damage by bacteria. If there were no problems he could have been discharged from the hospital next Monday.


He has been getting IV for 4 weeks. He has to stay in bed basically. Seems like he is bored so I gave him my old Kindle.


I knew he didn't read books, but I thought it's one of the best solution to kill time.

Now he likes Kindle. Easy to read because the characters can be enlarged. He asked me to order some novels set in his hometown. He learned the real pleasure of reading.

He is also an Amazon prime member but he doesn't remember the password. But my nephew dealed with the problem and he set up his granddad's tablet, then downloaded some Amazon prime videos.


Now my dad enjoys reading with Kindle in the daytime, and Amazon prime video in the nighttime.

He is luckey because he has a good daughter and a good grandson :-)