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List view Matched Content to Auto ads - Google AdSense

I posted an article about list view matched content long time ago

But now it has changed to Auto ads.


Transitioning from Page-level ads to Auto ads

Auto ads replace and enhance Page-level ads. If you had Page-level ads on your site, then we've already migrated your existing settings over to Auto ads. You can find your new "global settings" on the Auto ads page in your account. You don't need to paste the ad code again—Auto ads and Page-level ads use the same ad code.


This feature includes the following ad formats;

  • In-page ads
    • Text & Display


    • In-article Ads


    • In-feed ads (mobile only)


    • Matched content (mobile only)


  • Overlay ads
    • Anchor ads (mobile only)


    • Vignette ads (mobile only)


 If there is another matched content unit, No matched content for mobile as far as I know.