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I got a Colon Polypectomy

I had a medical checkup last December because it's for free. But they found some blood in my poop so they told me to have a thorough health examination at the clinic - a colonoscopy. I hated to pay a lot of money for them so I have been doing nothing for a while. However, my mom says that I don't have to worry about the money so she told me to go as soon as possible.

They found a polyp in Sigmoid Colon during a colonoscopy, so I got the day surgery yesterday. They call that "Colon Polypectomy" or something? 


I have the national health insurance. I bear 30% of the medical costs when I consult with a doctor. The medical costs were about $600, so I only had to pay about $180.

I have to take a rest for about 10 days. Dietary restrictions & limitation of movement. No going to the gym, no coffee nor tea... 

Pathology examination of polyp takes about 1 week. I can find out next Thursday. I hope not a colorectal cancer.