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Increase Traffic from the US on My Website

When I checked Google AdSense dashboard, revenue from the US has been increasing since August 15. I thought that's because someone clicks the ads deliberately so that my adsense account would be banned.

I checked what's going on with Google Analytics.

  1. Date Range as August 15 to August 24
  2. Select AUDIENCE > Geo > Location and click "United States"f:id:wanichan:20180825125351p:plain
  3. set the primary dimension to City, then the secondary dimension as "Service Provider" in Users.f:id:wanichan:20180825125852p:plain

Almost the traffic is from Microsoft headquarters.

Does it mean that those who work for Microsoft visit my website and click the ads a lot??

Think about it, I had been a Microsoft MVP for 8 years and I attended Microsoft MVP Global summit 8 times, so I know about the Internet connection in Microsoft campus. I used to use the free WiFi for the guests.

If Microsoft employees in Redmond clicked the ads a lot, the revenue would have been ongoing for a long time.

Therefore, I could not deny one exception, something like some free WiFi rider might commute to Microsoft Campus by car everyday...???

I emailed to Google AdSense team about this problem, then they told me not to worry about it. That's because intentional clicks (clicks due to mischief or illegal tool or bot) have not been detected as far as grasping the current situation, and invalid traffic has been excluded.

What's happening since August 15 in Microsoft Campus?