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I bought two pairs of glasses during new year holiday

I was wondering if my eye sight got worse, so I got vision test at the glasses shore.

They told me I should get new ones so I bought light brown ones first - without nose pads but oval frame for everyday, on December 26.


But, the next day, I had been wandering around the store because I was not sure if those glasses suit me. Then the manager said hi to me and she found my best glasses below.


I asked her which is better, with nose pads or not, then she answered with nose pads are better. There are various shapes of the frames but my best frame is square.


So I asked her if my choise was wrong, then she said not bad.

After year 2019 came, my mom bought me the discount coupon, then I customized for anti-blue light for another 5000 yen.

I bought the case at Amazon later. Does it match for those glasses?