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I got my house keys back!

I have a long story.

I went to my bank in order to apply for mutual aid system or something, but I needed to show them a copy of the final return for income tax form and the notification of opening business as self-employment. So I went back home.

However, I'd lost my house keys so I couldn't enter. I had to go back where I went through by bicycle.


After a while, I wondered whether someone called my cell phone so I checked the inbound history.

Yes, that's from the police station.

When I called back to the police station, unfortunately I was in lost.

So I used the navigation feature of Google map app. I set the destination to a police box where my keys were.

Finally I got the keys! But I was exhausted.. I was happy that I put the memo in the key case like "If found, please call my cell phone" and my cell phone number just in case. It worked!