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Only working for a company is the right path?


Yesterday afternoon, after I took a private lesson at the English school, an elderly woman was signing up to enroll. She seemed to be in the same generation as my mom, and she used to go to the other English school long time ago.

After she did everything for enrolling, I was chatting with her in the lobby for a while.

But, it was difficult for her to understand about my job. Even if I told her I am a self-employed, she couldn't understand. Because she thought working for a company is the right path or something, I guess.

That's why I explained about my working style in detail, and I also told her, "some people around you are working like that".

To be your own boss is not the right path? After I explain about my job to people in my mom's generation, they always say to me like "Go to work!" They seem like they cannot accept the working style.