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Problems of Osaka Monday's earthquake

As I said the last post, I am not the victim but I am really sorry for those who were killed by walls.

Osaka school was warned three years ago about wall that crushed girl to death in earthquake | The Japan Times

Osaka police is now under investigation about this case as professional negligence resulting in death.

However, Osaka is basically safe unless such human errors. As of JR lines, they acknowledged that their long-term suspension was their responsibility and apologized.

On the other hand, the opposition partis are now using this Osaka earthquake politically. Why do they do that way? We are really tired of their un-professional manner. On top of that, they always say to ruling party like "We are coming for you" or "Go to hell" or something like that.

Economy and diplomacy are difficult... and we don't understand those things... so what we can do is just the pursuit of the case of Moritomo & Kakei Academy. Even if a missile flew here, even if the war starts, we will continue pursuing

(Translated from https://twitter.com/apio_apio1516/status/1001251314091741185 )

We strongly demend all of them to leave seats. Don't be selfish. Don't waste of our taxes.