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Which seat do you like, window, aisle, or middle???

It's been 3 years after I went to the US. Then I saved more than 111K United mileage with the following credit card, though.



I think it's time to use them so I used 70000 miles for Air Travel Award on Saturday. I am going to the US in early June for 6 days.

I have to go to Canada for the return flights. I got eTA two years ago so it's still valid. Only I need is ESTA.

Airfare: 0 USD
International Tourist Tax: 1000 JPY
U.S. Immigration User Fee: 790 JPY
Japan Passenger Security Service Charge: 310 JPY
U.S. Customs User Fee: 650 JPY
Japan Passenger Service Facilities Charge: 2730 JPY
U.S. APHIS User Fee: 450 JPY
September 11th Security Fee: 1260 JPY
Canada Harmonized Sales Tax: 50 JPY
Canada Airport Improvement Fee: 340 JPY
Per Person Total: 7580 JPY
Eticket Total: 7580 JPY

MileagePlus Miles Debited/Award Used:

So 41,075 Mileage balance now.


But, I had very limited options, not only flights but also the seats.

I don't want to spend extra money, so I selected the middle first. Why window and aisle seats are not for free?


I asked my friends if I should pay for the Prefered seats. No one wants to sit in the middle because you end up between two fat guys, and they might be stinky??

Something like this?



I prefer right window seat so I changed to 27L for $25.

More legroom? Well, I didn't feel anything difference from the standard economy.