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I ordered Apple Watch Series 6 to trade in my Series 4

I got an Apple Watch Series 4 two years ago,

so It's time to change the new one. I was wondering if I should select Series 6 or SE for a long time. I don't care about the constant display lights, but the charging speed is very important for me. I asked Apple about the details, then they recommended Series 6. So Apple Watch Series 6 it is.


When I was going to buy it and trade in my Apple Watch Series 4 on Tuesday night, picking up at Shinsaibashi store was not available. So I gave up and I selected the delivery option. It takes time - December 7 - 10
But, I learned the next morning that picking up at Shinsaibashi store was available on December 4.
I could not cancel the order anymore because it's already in preparation for shipment. 
Yesterday, I received a Shipment Notification email with my carrier information and estimated delivery date - December 6. 


When I checked the track shipment, the package is received in Shanghai.


Then I scheduled pickup time for Apple Trade In.


I can't wait!