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Relationship between the Liberal Democratic Party and the Unification Church

I believe the world now knows that former Prime Minister Abe was assassinated while giving a speech in Nara Prefecture.

I read through the suspect's tweets before his Twitter account was suspended. He seemed to be a very normal LDP supporter. So why was his account suspended?

I strongly believe that killing people is never acceptable. However, knowing the suspect's background to date, I can't help but feel sympathy for him.

He did not really intend to go after former Prime Minister Abe. He had a strong hatred for the Unification Church, which had destroyed his family. But it was impossible to go after the leader of the church due to covid pandemic. That's why he decided to go after former Prime Minister Abe instead, who had the most influence.

In other words, he wanted to send a message, I guess.

Actually I don't beleive the incident was for real because it was a bit acting-like and inexplicable.


I must confess that I used to support the Liberal Democratic Party with former Prime Minister Abe and former President Trump. I used to smile at the sight of them enjoying a round of golf together.

The Unification Church is a religious organization founded by the self-proclaimed "true messiah" Sun Myung Moon.

The religious organization lures people to its video centers through street and door-to-door questionnaires and palm readings.

The name "Unification Church" is kept secret, under the name of various organizations and the doctrines are taught, mind-controlling people without them realizing it.

The Unification Church is well known in Japan for making people buy expensive pots to put your evil spirits in, so much so that people ridicule those who are gullible by saying that they seem to buy a lot of pots.

It was only recently that I learned that the name was changed from Unification Church to Family Federation for World Peace and Unification in order to dispel the bad image of the Unification Church.

I heard that the father, Sun Myung Moon - the founder of the Unification Church, died in 2012, and the third and seventh sons left the Unification Church after a confrontation with their mother, the acting leader of he Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (the Unification Church), then founded the Sanctuary Church.

His third son, Hyun Jin Moon seems to have revealed that 70% of the Unification Church's funding comes from Japanese donations.

My understanding is that Donald Trump is not with the Sanctuary Church, but with the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification side, just like Shinzo Abe.

Interview during the attack on the Capitol - who is this guy??

There are not a few Japanese who have had their families broken up because they were forced to donate large sums of money to the Unification Church. The suspect is one of them.

The suspect and Sean Moon?  in Kyushu Japan on June 29, 2022

After this incident, LDP members began deleting any and all information related to the Unification Church.


Actually, the Unification Church was removed from the Public Security Intelligence Agency's watch list of organization in 2006, when Shinzo Abe became the prime minister.

Television reports on the Unification Church, but never says anything about its relationship with the LDP. Therefore, Mr. Arita, a journalist, stated this on TV.

At the time, a senior official of the National Police Agency said, "Next to Aum (Shinrikyo), we will bust the Unification Church." But they didn't. 
Ten years later, when I asked him why, he replied, "It was due to political power."

In other words, the LDP did not allow the cancellation of the religious corporation in order to keep its relationship with the Unification Church. The Unification Church is a supporting body of the LDP. Without the Unification Church, the LDP cannot exist.

Actually, one Liberal Democratic Party member who was elected in a recent election doubled his vote count from the previous one, thanks to the support of the Unification Church.

Yoshiyuki Inose, supported by the Unification Church in 2022

As a matter of fact, David Rockefeller ordered Harry S. Truman and Charles Andrew Willoughby to create the CIA. The CIA created the Liberal Democratic Party and the Unification Church as the postwar regime,

You could check the following news articles.


WASHINGTON, March 15‐A House Investigating subcommittee today released intelligence reports asserting that the Rev. Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church was founded by a director of the Korean Central Intelligence Agency, Kim Chong Pil, as a political tool in 1961.


The K.C.I.A. was established in 1961, with the advice and assistance of the American C.I.A., and in its 16 years of existence, the Korean intelligence agency has earned above all a reputation as one of the most brutal and venal security services in the world. A State Department official described the agency to me quite simply as a combination of the Gestapo and the Soviet K.G.B.

There are similarities between Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (Unification Church)  and the LDP logos.

The main reason for the LDP's constitutional change is to make the Unification Church's doctrine the state religion.

In fact, the doctrine of the Unification Church is very similar to the draft constitution by the LDP.

https://socioanalysis.net/slapp/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/nakano_slapp_20200925_forPress_02.pdf (Japanese)

The Unification Church's "return to the nation" is "the building of all the foundations that can run the nation by the sovereignty of True Parents.

True Parents - Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han

And, "The mission of mankind is to become the people of True Parents. Therefore, "return to the nation" is important." As stated, humanity is supposed to be a servant of the Unification Church's leader Sun Myung Moon and his wife Hak Ja Han.

According to Japanese civil law, children must obey their parents, even if their parents have been brainwashed by a cult. Children of parents who have joined Moonies have very cramped and rough lives. They are isolated from society and have no one to talk to. If they abandon their parents, they go to prison.

Shouldn't the Civil Code be amended before the Constitution is amended? Don't let the family disintegrate any further.