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Training for the upcoming United Airline Guam Marathon

I did apply for United Airline Guam Marathon 2020 at the end of last April,

then I've already arranged for the flight and hotel.

I've been struggling with the runner's knee.

When I noticed, it was less than three months before the marathon.



Saturday, January 11, 4:33 pm

Running 6 laps (over 10 miles) is not easy. I think it should be moderate. Otherwise, I would suffer from runner's knee again. 

The first 6 laps run this year was yesterday.


Then I just did run only one lap today.

The first outdoor run this year was on the 3rd - 2 laps


2 laps again on the next day


4 laps on the 9th


As long as I can run 6 laps, I am ready for the half marathon - that's what my friend who is a full marathon runner says.