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Canceling the gym, outdoor run instead

The comsuption tax (sales tax?) will be raising to 10% next month in Japan. I need to save money. These days I cannot go to the gym because I am busy, so I decided to resign the membership this month. I already noticed for that on Friday.

Now I have outdoor running habits. Running around Nagai park twice a week. These days I can run 6 laps. I mentioned before that 15 laps = Full marathon, so one and a half more laps to get to the distance as half one!

The first 6 laps run result on Sunday is below.

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But my soles hurt because socks were thin, so I ordered the following new socks for finishing the course at Amazon.co.jp.


The next 6 laps run last night was much more confortable with the new socks.

I want to burn body fat so I keep on heart rate training.


The first 3 laps was just for warming-up, with checking the heart rate to keep the range between 109 and 135 bpm for fat burn zone.

According to Zones app

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Activity apps

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Every time I meet an acquaintance after a long time, the acquaintance asks me, “Did you lose weight?” No wonder my weight lost 4kg (8 pounds?).