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First Outdoor Run This Year

Yesterday, I went outdoor run in Nagai Park for the first time in a long time.

After putting on AirPods and start workout, music starts playing automatically. I like it!

My Watch > Workout


Workout Playlist ➡ Enabled

This playlist will automatically play when you start a workout, unless you're already listening to music or other media

Unfortunately, a high school marathon tournament was held at that time. So it's hard to start running for a while.


After start "Outdoor Run" on my Apple Watch, music started playing automatically again. They never fell off. I didn't use the following Anti-Lost Strap.


What a comfortable running! I should have gotten AirPods as soon as I got Apple Watch.

I learned that Apple Watch & AirPods are the perfect conbination during any workout.



It was warm cloudy afternoon.But my right toenail piercing the next toe. Maybe I need 5 finger socks for running.