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Walking to & Running around Nagai Park

It's really freezing outside that a runny nose comes out, but I really want to deal with my muffin top so I desided to go running again. I went there an indirect way - passing through my old elementary & junior high school.


Outdoor Walk is good for warming up. I got a little sweat. I took off the jacket and wrapped it around my waist.


It's easier than last time. I tried not to rush at the beginning but just kept my mind that finish one lap.


But, unfortunattely I noticed that my left shoelase was untied while running, so I had to pose at 10:41 am.


Then I walked home.


I always listen to music for running or walking outside, and apparently the GPS is working on my iPhone as well, so the battery runs out faster. Maybe I want to bring a portable battery charger next time.

Then I went to the gym in the evening to use more calories.


I am so exhausted. See?


After the gym, I went to a grocerry store to buy food and went home. I didn't have enough power to eat. I did too much???