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Working for yourself isn't a piece of cake?


Not a few people are interested in working for yourself, but it's not easy. However, if you got depressed because of working for a company, working for yourself might be a good way.

You don't have to worry about the relationship or communication with your boss, because you are your own boss. You can make your own schedule only by yourself, without any other's permission. You can wake up anytime you want, you can go to bed anytime you want, and you can take a nap anytime. The biggest point is that you can have a vacation anytime.

There are so many information about that, but most of them are not true. They are just posting articles like that in order to get ads revenue.

I am going to tell you about my case. I don't think mine works for everyone, but you might get something new.

You need "transition time"

You need "transition time" before you start working for yourself. If you work for a company, don't quit now without it. I had been working for a company until April 2013. Even though I started writing a book, I had to find some other jobs because my income was not enough. I used to look for temporary jobs via temporary agencies. After my own business got stable, I stoped working for a company.

Keep accounts and file a tax return by yourself

You don't have to do accounting tasks as long as you work for a company because there is the accounting department. But you have to do everything after you start working for yourself. File a tax return, etc. It takes time to get used to do it, but once you are use to do it, It will no longer a big deal. But, you should keep accounts on a regular basis.

At your own risk

If your co-workers or your boss made a big mistake, you might be in trouble because of them. Sometimes you are frustrated about that. But if you work for yourself and work only by yourself, you cannot blame anybody else. It's your fault. But you might accept the situation easier because you did something wrong.

There is only you

If you are tired of human relationship, working for yourself is the best solution. But you should note that there is only you. You are not a robot. You are a human. You need to be with somebody else in reality to connect with society. Not only on the Internet. That's the most important.

I go to an English school in order to connect with society. I go to the gym to chat with others as well. Othewise the way of my thinking will get biased.