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Received from United Airlines Guam Marathon Japan Office

I did run a half marathon - #UGM2020 go virtual event at Nagai Park in September,

then I got the following items yesterday.


A T-shirt, Half Marathon finisher 2020 medal, a beachmat, a UGM 2020 sticker and a number cloth.

Let me unfold the t-shirt.


This is a nice one! It seems to be treated with a polyester fabric that dries quickly when you sweat.

The upcoming event will be scheduled next April, but nobody knows if the event will be held without any problems.

Anyway, I have been keeping running. Sometimes I can run four laps around Nagai Park within one hour.


However, I hurt my left hip joint while running a few days ago, so I need to take some time off.

Morning runs may be getting harder and harder

Today's sunrise time in Osaka is 6:29 am. It was one minute before the start of the radio exercise.

I woke up at 4:30 am as usual. I thought like "It's still dark and cold outside, but it's time to leave?" It was still dark after the fourth lap of Nagai Park, and I wondered when the morning would come. The thermometer in the park was showing around 8 degrees Celsius.

However, the lower temperatures naturally increase the speed of running.


After I finished running, this is what the landscape around the radio exercise statue looked like. Autumn leaves are in full swing. Photo taken at 6:19 am.



I bought the Apple Watch Series 4 on December 4 two years ago, so I guess it's time for a new one?

I've been using iPhone 7 for less than three years, and wouldn't it be easier to use Face ID instead of Touch ID? So I'm thinking of buying an iPhone 12 mini this time. If I'm going to take a picture, I want it to be beautiful.

October Challenge from Apple Watch

The October 2020 challenge for the Apple Watch was really tough - Burn 23,300 Calories this month - that's about 752 Calories a day - to earn this award.


But I managed to accomplish it today.


I get up at 4:30 a.m., as usual, and after refueling with a loaf of chocolate bread and a glass of orange juice from the convenience store, I walk to Nagai Park. Then I arrive at the starting point a little after 5:10 a.m. and run four laps.

It's still dark around 5:10 am. Something like this.


The colder it gets, the faster and faster I run.


With an average cadence of 200 spm, I'm a penguin!

But I won't get a runnning knee as long as I keep running with a short strike.

United Airlines Guam Marathon Virtual Run


The marathon was originally scheduled to be held on September 13 on a postponed date, but instead of being cancelled, it's a virtual run.

The #UGM2020 is a virtual event/race that can be run or walked from any location, locally and internationally. Registered runners can run, jog or walk at their convenience on a trail, on a treadmill, at the beach or on a track – anywhere they can safely complete their race distances of 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, and Full Marathon.

Runners will be responsible for tracking and timing their selected races at any time - between September 5 and September 13. 

But, in my case, there is a park nearby with a track suitable for a marathon. For Half Marathon, 7.5 laps of the park.


long-distance race track

I actually started around 3am to attempt a half marathon on Tuesday. These photos taken at 3:08.



But unfortunately, my Apple Watch workout app, Outdoor Run, somehow ended in the middle of my run. After thinking a while, I re-started Outdoor Run and kept running to the half marathon point anyway.


The Half Marathon Point


That does not tell you the time result.

I took a break for a while to get my half marathon time results back again. I realized that I could complete a half marathon in practically a little over two hours.

The second challange - I took pictures before I started running at 3:55am. Well.... these are the same pictures as the last time.


I started my workout around 4:00am. I checked my Apple Watch from time to time to make sure it wasn't finishing on its own.

Finnaly, I could get the time result! Phew.


The pace and the time is not so bad, aren't they?

May Challenge of Apple Watch

Do you have Apple Watch? May Challenge 2020 is a little tough, isn't it?

This month, walk or run 257.9km to earn this award.

For the first time in a long time, I decided to take on this challenge.

I get up at 4:30 on weekdays... 


at 4:32am on May 8


then participating the radio exercise afterward


Most flights have been suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic. I'm very concerned about getting to Guam in September and whether the marathon will be held properly.

I asked them on United facebook page. They answered;

Flights between Kansai International Airport and Guam are scheduled to resume on September 8. We hope that the Guam Marathon will be able to be held safely.

So I can keep the marathon training?

  • May 1 - 5.82km (2 laps)
  • May 2 - 11.44km (4 laps)
  • May 3 - 8.59km (3 laps)
  • May 4 - 11.39km (4 laps)
  • May 5 - 8.81km (over 3 laps)
  • May 6 - 17.22km (6 laps)
  • May 7 - 11.46km (4 laps)
  • May 8 - 17.10km (6 laps)
  • May 9 - 5.63km (2 laps)
  • May 10 - 8.53km (3 laps)
  • May 11 - 5.73km (2 laps)
  • May 12 - 11.45km (4 laps)
  • May 13 - 17.19km (6 laps)
  • May 14 - 8.54km (3 laps)
  • May 15 - 11.45km (4 laps)


After outdoor workouts for 15 days in a low, I've done May Challenge of Apple Watch.


Well, I think it's time to have a break. I am so tired.