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I want pink Macbook and pink iPad Pro

I bought 11' of MacBook Air in October 2014, and also got iPad mini 3 at the end of March in 2015. I have the AppleCare supports for both. They will be expired soon. So, I think it's time to buy new Macbook or/and iPad. I need pink stuff.

Google Analytics Reporting is wrong

Yesterday's unique users : 26,839 but...

What's going on the Internet in Japan

I posted something like Google update case before But, you might not know about the background, so I will explain about it in detail. I found the following article. Please take a look. Google update removes sketchy sites in searches in Jap…

Google Japan Algorithm Update

There are so many fake news on the Internet. They are posting such worthless articles in order to get money from Google AdSense or so. Not only in the US, in Japan as well. I have been working on my website ever since January 25, 1999. The…

Publishing a book is unprofitable

I got a feedback from my website user and he asked me if I was planning to publish a new book about Microsoft Expression Web 4, which is now freeware to manage your own website. I wrote the following 2 books of Expression Web (Japanese). H…

I got the Thank-you gift from Microsoft MVP Reconnect program

I was a Microsoft MVP from April 2005 to March 2013, so I am eligible to join the program. for more detail, click the following link. Welcome to the MVP Reconnect Program! I think this gift is much better than MVP's one. I live in a small …

I got a new pink laptop

It's time to open!