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Working for yourself isn't a piece of cake?

Not a few people are interested in working for yourself, but it's not easy. However, if you got depressed because of working for a company, working for yourself might be a good way.

How to organize a room?

I am now trying to organize my small room. I am not good at cleaning up my own room. When I was living with my parents, my mom always told me to clean up my room. Every time I start working on it, I always realize that there is a lot of tr…

Miscommunication at the gym

Even though I have to lose a spare tire, I haven't gone to the gym for a while. That's because the gym mate always tell me to work for a company otherwise the way of thinking will be unbalanced? What a pain, you know? I decide my life and …

Only working for a company is the right path?

Yesterday afternoon, after I took a private lesson at the English school, an elderly woman was signing up to enroll. She seemed to be in the same generation as my mom, and she used to go to the other English school long time ago. After she…