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wanichan's English blog

Just blogging in English from Osaka, Japan

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Impreach Trump?

I hope the US justice will work well. The US is not his own country, but all of the citizens. If Mr. Trump is allowed for everything, I cannot visit the US anymore. Seems like he wants to control everything. If he can do that way forever, …

Handshaking Game starts

I don't think he knows how to handshake in right way. Did you see the reaction of Prime Minister of Japan Mr. Abe after handshaking with him?

Valentine's day?

I don't feel good about Valentine's day because there is "courtesy chocolate", even though I don't like them. When I was working for a company, I had to give chocolate to my co-workers or my boss, even though I don't want to. That's why I …

Mr. Trump admires Richard Milhous Nixon?

I have no idea what he is going to do next, but I think he is a double-dealer. I cannot tell him at all. Maybe Mr.Trump learned from Nixon because he respects Nixon. When PM Shinzo Abe visited the white house, they were sha…

Alternative facts?

I watched about face news on TV last night. I learn "Alternative facts" phrase on the show. The following article is about the details in Japanese. Marco Chacon, the owner of RealTrueNews said "people don't care what is truth…